Media Art Studio

Wedding photography which reflects your dream day by marrying new media with traditional art.



Hi, I’m Luka, the person behind Media Art Studio and the wedding photographer who does things a little differently…

Currently I am based between Zagreb, Croatia and London, UK; leading a lifestyle in which I travel the world to photograph celebrations, from Europe to America, Australia and beyond.

Using both film and digital as a medium, my work is designed to blur the boundaries between art and photography - a passion which has a powerful impact on how I capture weddings: honest and non-intrusive.

My desire as a photographer is to create an atmosphere where you can truly let yourself go and be present in your precious moments. Where your celebration of love is documented in a natural way. Non-traditional with no boundaries. My intention is to capture raw emotions and real expressions; your rapture and your delight; every detail of your wedding dress and every heartfelt word…

I want to create photographs that matter to you.




“Luka's work is romantically unique! All the pictures transmit the atmosphere and the emotions of our wedding and our personality.”

- Yoline & Juan